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Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd, located in High and New Technology Development Zone in Zibo city, Shandong province, is originated from a sci-tech industry of SINOPEC Qilu Company. After the reorganization and division in 2007, SINOPEC authorized Qilu Branch to sign Agreement on Use of Technology and Intellectual Property with our company. Our company is the only authorized entity for the production and business operation of related catalysts, and makes long-term cooperation with SINOPEC in technology and products.
Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd was approved as national hi-tech enterprise in 1999 and was reaffirmed as the first batch in Shandong province in accordance with state new assessment method in 2008. The company obtained ISO9001 quality system certificate in 2000. In the company Zibo Hydrogen Production and co shift reaction Engineering Technology Research Center was established in 2008 and Shandong Province Academician Workstation was set up in 2009. Since 2008, the company has been entitle as “One of the Top Thirty Outstanding Enterprises in High-tech Zone in Zibo”, “Zibo Credit Enterprise”, “Zibo Innovative Growing-up Industrial Enterprise”, “Technology-based and High-growth SME in High-tech Zone in Zibo”. The company has more than 150 staff including 5 professor-level senior engineers and 16 senior engineers. The company is the organizer of China Hydrogen Production Technology Cooperation Group and China Sulfur Recovery Technology Cooperation Group. The company enjoys a high reputation and influence in this industry and plays a technological leading role in the development of the field.
Main products include two industrial systems---Chemical catalyst and Polymer polyolefin materials, ten series of products and more than one hundred different types of products. The company is a domestic influential manufacturer and seller.
Chemical catalysts include four series---hydrogen production, sulfur-tolerant shift, sulfur recovery and hydrofining and 29 different types of products. More than 30 innovative invention and patents have been industrialized. Both technology and products are in international advanced level. Catalyst capacity is 3000 tons a year. Series of hydrocarbon steam reforming catalyst were granted of more than a dozen patents, among which 3 won National Award of Science and Technology Advancement and more than a dozen won Provincial and Ministerial Award of Science and Technology Advancement. Series of sulfur-tolerant shift catalyst were granted 10 domestic patents and 5 overseas patents such as America and Japan, etc. One of them won National Award of Science and Technology Advancement, nearly 10 won prizes of provincial and ministerial level. Series of Sulfur recovery and tail gas hydrogenation catalyst with independent intellectual property, won a number of Provincial and Ministerial Award of Science and Technology Advancement, reaching the international advanced level. Series of hydrofining catalyst were granted 5 patents and won a number of Provincial and Ministerial Award of Science and Technology Advancement.
Shandong Keli New Material Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd which holds the controlling share. Main products include five series---Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe (including composite pipe, reinforced composite pipe and steel-plastic composite pipe) Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene extrusion sheet, corrosion and abrasion-resistance valve, corrosion and abrasion-resistance pump, and high impact resistant PVC alloy pipes and more than 100 types of products. The production capacity is 8000 tons a year. The company has applied for many Chinese patents.
The Company always adheres to the policies of “Scientific Integrity, Excellent Service and Mutual Benefit”, devotes to promoting technology of core products and market competitiveness , insists on making scientific and technical progress , pursues excellent management and strengthens sustainable developing ability to seek mutual benefits and win-win results with clients.
Statement: all products of Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd are exclusively produced and sold.The company never authorizes any domestic entities to produce or sell relative products except foreign authorized agents and dealers.