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June, 1992, Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute made Qilu Petrochemical Institute Keli Technology & Trade Company, a collective-owned enterprise .

June, 1993,pilot workshop and labor Service Company of Qilu Petrochemical Institute are incorporated into Keli Technology & Trade Company. Board of directors was founded with implementing the system under which general manager assumes responsibility under the leadershipof Board.

2000-2003, under the agreement of Qilu Petrochemical Corp, approved by Zibo Structural Reforms Committee, the company was reformed to a joint-stock company and at the same time, the name was changed into Qilu Petrochemical Institute Keli Chemical company, a collective economic organization combining labor cooperation with capital cooperation.

Sep, 2003, the name was changed into Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd with 3 subsidiaries— Huacheng, Huaxin, Huayi
2006, deregister 3 subsidiaries—Huacheng, Huaxin, Huayi and implement the system under which general manager assumes responsibility under the leadershipof Board.

Nov, 2007, implement the policy of reorganization & division according to the requests of rectify the company of Sinopect. Break away from administrative webs of affiliation of Sinopect Qilu Branch Institute except for party-masses relationship and technological cooperation projects and it became a private enterprise. During the period of reorganization & division the company signed agreement on Technology Application and Intellectual Property and License Contract on Exploitation of the Patent with Sinopect Qilu Branch and Sinopect Qilu Branch Institute. The company was granted the right of only paid use of the patent made by both the company and Sinopect Qilu Branch Institute and identified rights and obligations of the two parties in the follow-up new catalyst research and development.

June, 2008, the location of the company has changed from Linzi District into Zibo High-New Tech Zone. Zibo Hydrogen Production and Sulfur-tolerant Shift Catalyst Engineering Technology Research Center and Shandong Province Academician Workstation were established.

Aug, 2008, the company registered Shandong Keli New Material Co., Ltd, a subsidiary held by Shandong Qilu Keli Chemical Institute Co., Ltd.