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Alkylation Process Feedstock Selective Hydrogenation Catalyst QSH-01


Catalyst QSH-01 is a kind of Palladium based  noble metal catalyst, suitable for selective hydrogenation of dienes in C4 alkylation feedstock into monoolefin .It has excellent mechanical strength, activity, selectivity, stability, strong sulfur tolerance as well as long service life For the hydrogenation of highly-unsaturated C3 - C6  hydrocarbons from in other feedstock , the catalyst also has high selective hydrogenation ability . Its performances stand at international advanced level, and it’s in the leading position in domestic industry.
■ Excellent strength, stability and high sulfur tolerance due to the carrier with special crystalline structure.
■ High activity, selectivity and stability due to the electronic structure of  active component Pd modified  by new  promoter.
■ Excellent performance due to the suitable thickness and uniform distribution of active component on  the surface of catalyst by unique  impregnation process.
■ Long service life,  more than 3 years under normal operating conditions.

Applications and operating conditions

Suitable for the process of selective hydrogenation of dienes in C4 alkylation feedstock into monoolefin. 
■ Pressure:1.0-2.5MPa.
■ Liquid volumetric space velocity :<5h-1.
■ Inlet temperature : 50-70℃. SOR 50℃,can be gradually increased to 70℃ at the EOR
■ H2/diene molar ratio:2.0-3.0,can be increased during operation ,  but no more than 4.0.

Physio-chemical properties

Exterior   Grey-brown, extrudate
Size (mm) Φ2.0~2.5×5~15 
Pd% (m/m) ≥0.20
Promoter   Trace
Bulk density (kg/L) 0.85±0.05
Crushing strength (N/granula) ≥200

Package and transportation

■Packed with hard carton barrel lined with plastics bags, net weight:30kg(or  customized as per customer´s  demand). 
■Prevented from moisture, rolling, sharp shocking, raining during transportation.
■Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.