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Sulfur Tolerant Shift Catalyst QCS-01


QCS-01 is a kind of Co-Mo based CO sulfur tolerant shift catalyst with new components and special additives. Its comprehensive performances and technical indexes are at the world advanced level. 
■ Excellent mechanical strength.
■ High activity, selectivity and stability.
■ Excellent suitability to high space velocity, high water/gas ratio and operating elasticity. 
■ Long service life of 3-8 years.

Applications and operating conditions

Suitable for shift process of heavy oil, residual oil partial oxidation or coal gasification to promote the shift reactions of sulfur-containing gases.
■ Temperature:    200~500℃ 
■ Pressure:       1.0~10.0MPa
■ Space velocity:  1000~4000h-1(Dry gas, 6000h-1 max)
■ Water/gas ratio:  0.3~1.6
■ Sulfur content in process gas:≥0.01% (v/v)

Physio-chemical properties

Exterior   Bright green(oxidized) extrudate
Size (mm) Ф3.5~4.0
Bulk density (kg/l) 0.70~0.80
Crushing strength (N/cm) ≥100(Average)
carrier   Mg—Al—Ti spinel
COO% m/m 3.5±0.5
MoO3% m/m 8.0±1.0
Additive m/m Rare earth

Package and transportation

■Packed with  hard paper plate barrel lined with plastics bag, net weight:30kg (or customized as per customer’s demand). 
■Prevented from moisture, rolling, sharp shocking, raining during transportation.
■Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.