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◆Hydrocarbon Steam Reforming Catalyst Series

The company develops and produces 3 series of a dozen types of hydrocarbon steam reforming catalyst which are applied successfully in domestic 96 units of hydrogen production, synthetic ammonia plants and methanol plants.

◆CO Sulfur Tolerant Shift Catalyst Series

QCS series are Co-Mo based sulfur tolerant shift catalyst with new components and special additives and with possession of intellectual property of alumina, magnesium oxide and titanium oxide as carriers. It has high activity, high strength and good stability, as well as high thermal resistance and impact resistance. It has excellent suitability to high space velocity, high water/gas ratio and operating elasticity. It is widely used in more than 40 industrial units to produce syngas, city gas and hydrogen with coal or residual oil as feedstock. and was granted National Prize for Science and Technology Advances.

◆Sulfur Recovery Catalyst Series

LS series of sulfur recovery catalyst are suitable for Claus sulfur recovery units and tail gas hydrogenation treating units in petrochemical, coal chemical industry and gas purification. All kinds of sulfur recovery catalyst can be loaded full bed in any rector or in combination with other catalysts of different types or functions according to different acid gases. Claus tail gas hydrogenation catalyst can select normal tail gas hydrogenation catalyst or low-temperature tail gas hydrogenation catalyst according to tail gas heating methods, capacity of units, and different requirements of energy consumption.

◆Hydrogenation Catalyst Series

The company developed and produces 3 series of 6 types of hydrogenation catalysts including Pyrolysis gasoline selective hydrogenation catalyst, selective hydrogenation catalyst, hydrogenation catalysts for alkylation feedstock, hydrogenation catalyst for hydrogenation of hydrogen production feedstock ,hydrogenation catalyst for distillates etc. Selective hydrogenation catalyst for alkylation feedstock dominates domestic market. Hydrogenation catalysts for hgdrogenation of hydrogen production feedstock and hydrogenation catalyst for distillates are used in industrial units and achieve good results. Major clients include: SINOPEC Beijing Yanshan Company, SINOPEC Qilu Company, CNPC Lanzhou petrochemical company, CNPC Dalian petrochemical company, Shandong Hengyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd, SINOPEC Qingdao Refining Corp. Ltd. Shandong Haihua Group Co., Ltd, etc.