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KL-04 Catalytic Beds Protective Agent
KL-04 catalytic beds protective agent is prepared through processes of grinding, shaping and high temperature sintering, taking alumina as the main raw material.
■ High strength, chemical stability and impact resistance.
■ Large space rate and high dirt capture ability.
Applications and operating conditions
  KL-04 is used in refinery Hydrotreating, coal chemical, etc. As a catalyst beds protective agent KL-04 can effectively control catalyst pressure drop, filled at the top of catalyst beds in a certain proportion, providing larger pore volume and larger space volume, effectively removing and accommodating mechanical impurity from the raw material, which inhibits the rise of catalyst pressure drop and extends the operation cycle.  
Physico-chemical properties
Color and shape
White, spoke ring
Size(mm) Φ16×7
Al2O3%(m/m) ≥99
Space rate%(V/V) ≥55
Bulk density(kg/L) 0.85~1.00
Crushing strength(N/granula) ≥300
Package and transportation
■ Packed with plastics kitting bag lined with plastics bag, net weight 40kg (or customized as per customer’s demand).
■ Prevented from moisture, raining rolling, sharp shocking during transportation.
■ Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.