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TiO2 Based Sulfur Recovery Catalyst LS-901


LS-901 is a new kind of TiO2 based catalyst with special additives for sulfur recovery. Its comprehensive performances and technical indexes have reached world advanced level, and it’s in the leading position in domestic industry.
■ Higher activity for hydrolysis reaction of organic sulfide and Claus reaction of H2S and SO2, nearly approaching to thermodynamic equilibrium.
■ Claus activity and hydrolysis activity not affected by “leaked O2”. 
■ High activity,suitable for high space velocity and smaller rector volume.
■ Longer service life without the formation of sulfate due to process fluctuation with the regular catalysts.

Applications and operating conditions

Suitable for Claus sulfur recovery units in petrochemical, coal chemical industry, also suitable for sulfur recovery of catalytic oxidization process e.g. Clinsuef, etc. It can be loaded full bed in any rector or in combination with other catalysts of different types or functions. Used in the primary reactor, it can promote hydrolysis rate of organic sulfur, in secondary and tertiary reactors increase the total sulfur conversion. 
■ Temperature:      220~350℃ 
■ Pressure:        ~0.2MPa
■ Space velocity:    200~1500h-1

Physio-chemical properties

Exterior   White  extrudate
Size (mm) Φ4±0.5×5~20
TiO2% (m/m) ≥85
Specific surface area (m2/g) ≥100
Bulk density (kg/L) 0.90~1.05
Crushing strength (N/cm) ≥80

Package and transportation

■Packed with hard carton barrel lined with plastics bag, net weight:40Kg(or customized as per for customer’s demand). 
■Prevented from moisture, rolling, sharp shocking, raining during transportation.
■Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.