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ulfur Recovery Catalyst LS-300


LS-300 is a kind of sulfur recovery catalyst with large specific area and high Claus activity. Its performances stand at international advanced level.
■ Large specific surface area and high mechanical strength.
■ High activity and stability. 
■ Uniform particle size and lower abrasion.
■ Double-peak distribution of pore structure, beneficial to process gas diffusion and Claus reaction.
■ Long service life.

Applications and operating conditions

Suitable for Claus sulfur recovery in petrochemical and coal chemical industry,   used in any Claus reactor loaded full bed or in combination with other catalysts of different types or functions.
■ Temperature:        220~350℃ 
■ Pressure:             ~0.2MPa
■ Space velocity:      200~1000h-1

Physio-chemical properties

Exterior   White sphere
Size (mm) Φ4~Φ6
Al2O3% (m/m) ≥90
Specific surface area (m2/g) ≥300
 Pore volume (ml/g) ≥0.40
Bulk density (kg/L)  0.65~0.80
Crushing strength (N/granula) ≥140

Package and transportation

■ Packed with plastics kitting bag lined with plastics bag, net weight:40kg(or customized as per customer’s demand). 
■ Prevented from moisture, rolling, sharp shocking, raining during transportation.
■ Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.