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Low-temperature Claus Tail Gas Hydrogenation Catalyst LSH-02


LSH-02 is a special catalyst for Claus tail gas hydrogenation, which takes modified γ-Al2O3 as carrier, Co, Mo and other metals as the active components.  Its hydrogenation activity, organic sulfur hydrolysis activity and activity stability  have reached the international advanced level.  
■Modified γ-Al2O3 carrier.
■Uniform distribution of active components, easy to sulfurize.
■Good low-temperature hydrogenation activity and hydrolysis activity. 
■Great reduction of energy consumption of the Claus tail gas hydrogenation unit.

Applications and operating conditions

Suitable for Claus tail gas hydrogenation in the field of petrochemical and coal chemical industry.
■Temperature:    220~360℃ 
■Pressure:        ~0.2MPa
■Space velocity:   200~1500h-1

Physio-chemical properties

Exterior   Celadon, clover, extrudate
Size (mm) Φ3.0×5~10   
CoO% (m/m) 1.8±0.2
MoO3% (m/m) 12±0.5
Additives      (m/m) ≥1.0
Specific surface area (m2/g) ≥200
Pore volume     (ml/g) ≥0.35
Bulk density     (kg/L) 0.75±0.05
Crushing strength  (N/cm) ≥150

Package and transportation

■Packed with hard carton barrel lined with plastics bag, net weight:25Kg(or customized as per for customer’s demand). 
■Prevented from moisture, rolling, sharp shocking, raining during transportation.
■Stored in dry and ventilated places, preventing from pollution and moisture.